Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final night.

The CLOTA spook house's last night is tomorrow night from 6 to 11 at the U.S.O. building in Ridgecrest. It's a lot of fun everyone should go. I am also going to be helping out the boys and girls club like I do every Friday, carve pumpkins again and start work on my movie once again. The person I am writing this with and I have decided to get the damn thing done. We are now going to treat it as it should have been from the begining, like work. Another fun filled weekend.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quick week, long weekend.

This past week has gone by rather quickly, well up until this weekend that is. I did my regular stuff during the week, school mostly but my pool leauge started this tuesday and that was fun, even though I had to play a killer team. On friday though all my Theatre Arts Club stuff begain. It started off with preview day at the college. I woke myself up early, which is a rarity, and got up to the college by 9:30 A.M. What we all did was put on a quick little 30 minute improv show for the high school students before they took tours of the school. It was great, they are a tough crowd but we got them laughing and participating with us. We did have two little slips, one of us made fun of the college and another said "shit" Not to big a deal but I hope we dont get into trouble for it. After our show we hung around and passed out some fliers about the theatre degree we offer and we promoted the hell out of our car wash which was to be held the next day. We finished up there and I went and got myself ready for the spook house I'm helping out with. I play the young priest from the exorcist movie. It started around 6:00 P.M. and went until 11:00. We scared the crap out of some people, it was great. My favorite is when high school boys run out screaming. When it was over I went home to go to sleep. I got up the next morning early again and went to our car wash to help set up. I had to be at the spook house by 9:00 A.M. because we were doing one during the day for the younger kids. I dressed up as a Ghostbuster and if anyone needed me, I was there to zap away the ghosts. It was amazing how old some of the people were that wanted my help. I did that until 3:00 P.M. when it closed. I had to be back at 5:00 P.M. to change myself back into the priest. There was a street fair going on so I just stayed there, got a bite to eat and walked around. I went back to work and didn't get done until 11:00 P.M. and let me tell you, my feet were hurting bad. So today I took it easy, football and a couch, thats it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a weekend!

This weekend is starting out great. I got my kids for the weekend and we started it off yesterday by going to the pumpkin patch to get ourselves ready for carving them today. We aslo got pizza and rented a few movies for the night, my Daughter even lost a tooth! Today we woke up and went to the parade, well me and Audrey went, the boys didn't want to go. We are now all getting ready to go to a couple of little carnivals at the local churches to have even more fun before we start carving our pumpkins and tomorrow we are going to the big fair to watch the destruction durby. I always perk up a little bit when I have my kids around me, especialy when there are things to do around town which is rare.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

May I please catch my breath?

I have been all over the place lately. I went to Albuquerque last weekend for a Balloon festia trip which was great, came home did school then went up into the mountains. Camping was great even though it got as cold as 19 degrees. We mostly hung out near the fire all day and night but it was fun to get out there all the same. Christian and I spent most of the time telling eachother we loved one another while the other couple spent of their time fighting. It was comical at times and awkward at times. I even stopped by the ranch I used to work at and said hi to some old friends. As soon as I got back from camping I had to make an emergency trip to Albuquerque. The details of the trip are privet but I was there for less then 24 hours. I think I spent more time driving there and back then I spent in Albuquerque. I went over my lines and am progressing slowly with that. I will be ready come show time though. So I have been away from my computer for about a week and a half and boy did I miss it. I have so much to catch up on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So tired.

As I am still very tired, I warn you, this might not make much sense. I went to Albuquerque and Soccoro this weekend to see my sister and help a friend move back to Ridgecrest. I had fun in Soccoro but the night ended early for me due to lack of sleep and too much booze, a bad combination. It didn't seem like so much booze but I think with the combination of being awake somewhere betweeen 36 to 40 hours, did its number. I spent one night there and spent the rest of the weekend with my sister. I acually didn't tell her I was coming down and suprised her at work...she cried. Tears of joy I hope. We ended up going to the Balloon Fiesta for the Balloon glow, but it was cancelled due to weather. We woke up the next morning to go see the balloons actually fly but again, cancelled due to weather. I decided to stay one more night and go in the morning for one more shot and...almost cancelled due to weather. They got a late start but I got to see them for the first time in years. I don't know what it is about Hot Air Balloons but I love them very much. My sister and I had a great time with her daughter at the Feista but unfoutunatly her Husband had to work. He is a cool guy and has many of the same interestes as I do. When we hung out with him it was great. We didnt do much other than watch a few episodes of Flight of the Concords, which is funny as hell, but it was a great time. I made it safe back to Hell...I mean Ridgecrest and am now busy as a bee. I also intend to get flicker on here to share pics soon as well. Don't hold your breath though.