Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am trying to go through my pictures and edit a few of the really good ones. The problem is, I don't have a really good editor. A friend of mine @JustMegs turned me on to Picasa. It seems OK but I've only been using it for oh, twenty minuets. One of the problems I am having with it is it scans and opens/makes folders of all my pictures. I have, literally, tens of thousands of pictures. Some folders I haven't gone through to delete bad pictures yet but still, I just want to open my own folders and edit my pictures one by one. When I have to see them all sitting there its a little daunting. I'm gonna play around with it more and see what happens. If anyone knows of any other good (free) editors let me know. Just for the record, @JustMegs seems to have mastered Picasa so I am sure its a great program, just maybe not the one for me. But again only about twenty minuets in so I won't throw it out just yet.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a long strange trip its been...

What a blast from the past. The last time I was in Washington was last year for my Grandfathers funeral. Needless to say I didnt do much other than deal with all that. This time I went for a wedding. Christian and I flew up and spent 5 day there. We stayed with an old friend and her family, Megan. I havent seen her since I was about 13ish but we got along like not a day had passed by. We got to spend a lot of time with her, her husband and their child. What great people. They took us all over the area and we didnt stop.

A few of the highlites were The Space Needle in Seattle, Pikes Place and the first Starbucks, an underground tour of old Seattle, Wild Game Animal Park, Snoqualmie Falls, etc etc. Lets just say not a moment was wasted. I will hopefully spend some time soon editing pictures and let the trip speak for itself. for now, heres a sample or two.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Holy crap I've been busy.

So I got back from Vegas and just kinda hung around the house with the kids playing video games. I talked to the kids about Christian and I and after a look that could only mean "Dad, you're a dumbass." I talked a little more specifically about our differences and how she wanted Children in the future and I didn't. Audrey asked me "Why?" and with a little confusion I said "Well, I have you guys. I don't want to share my love with anybody else." With out a drop of a hat Jeremiah said "Well, I wouldn't mind." to which Audrey replied "Yea! I want a little Sister...Or a nice Brother." Andrew didn't seem interested all that much and was just playing video games. Teenagers, what can you do huh? So now I have no idea where I'm at. My decision of no children was mainly based on the children I have now, but they may have a point. I love children and its not like Christian wanted kids tomorrow. So we will see what the future holds.

The kids went back to their moms and I went off to Albuquerque to help move my brother and his family back there. It was a long drive because I followed his truck and going mostly 65 mph but on the plus side, I got 60+ mpg from Flagstaff to Albuquerque. We didn't do really anything while we were there, just unpacking and getting stuff together. We did go as a large group, my brother Shays family, my sister Raeshas family and I, to Turtle Mountain Brewery for a dinner. I had their signature Mac & Cheese, sooooo good and I got a growler of T.M.B.C. I.P.A. (that's Turtle Mountain Brewing Company's India Pale Ale) The day before I had taken a break to go see my Brother In Law play hockey on the Ice Skating Rink I spent many hours on as a child. It was a lot of fun but I had to leave early to meet with a guy for a possible movie role. I met this guy at a Denny's, he seems passionate about films but I'm not quite sure I'm gonna go for it or not. Something just feels off about it, nothing major, just not sure I'm the guy for this project.

I left Albuquerque and stopped in Flagstaff to spend the night with a friend of mine. I got into town and we went to Beaver Street Brewery for lunch. I had a Meatloaf Sandwich that was amazing and I got a growler of their Nut Brown Ale which made the trip back to RC with me and is chilling in the fridge. After lunch we went back to the house to wait for her boyfriend to get off work and when he did he had to help a friend of theirs install some plumbing so we just kinda hung out and watched him work.

The next morning I headed off to Jerome, AZ. A four hour side trek, two hours there and two hours back to where I needed to be. The drive was incredibly breathtaking. When I got to Jerome I immediately had a feeling of deja vu. The town is literally on the side of a mountain and driving on its streets is a dizzying experience due to its switchbacks and hair pin turns. The longer I spent there the more I realized I had been there before, maybe twenty years ago or so. The feeling of meeting back with myself is a strange yet calming, satisfying experience. I went to Jerome for two reasons, the Puscifer store and Caduceus Cellars. I got myself a Puscifer belt buckle and some wine and wine paraphernalia. The stores, the town and the 30 or so minutes I spent in them, were very much worth my four hour add on.