Thursday, October 29, 2009


I haven't been writing much lately for a few reasons but mostly I have been super busy and things have just been pissing me off lately. I try not to write as much when I'm angry or down (or drunk) because its just a lot of nonsense and it honestly gets old when people just continually bitch and moan. Hopefully things get better post haste, the plays will soon be here and gone and the stress that brings will be lifted and free up some of my time. I will say one of the things that helped me relax during the week was my pool league. That has now changed.

I look forward to the beer on Tuesday nights now more than actually playing pool. Two reasons for this, first off my team has begun the season playing teams that far surpass our skill level. This isn't that big of a deal because like I've said before I just enjoy (or enjoyed) playing pool but to constantly get beat hard core has an affect on you. Second, this Tuesday night league has become so political in nature it's effing ridiculous. I'm not sure if we're playing pool or if we're recanting rules, regulations and watching every game with a microscope to show off how much we know and understand the rules, instead of having a good time. So this will most likely be my last Tuesday night year.

Now before you say "But Chad, it IS a league and rules are there to clearly define legality of play because the top winning teams get prize money and the winning team gets to go to Vegas and play. You are just mad because you suck at pool." To that I respond, agreed, but I believe that having a good time about it is important as well. I have placed in a position to win money and honestly, that money ain't gonna change my life and if I did place high enough to go to Vegas I am sure it wouldn't last long.

Anyway, like I said, this bitching and moaning stuff has got to go and be replaced with better commentary on the finer side of things...Like the concert I'm going to on the first! Puscifer has become a new favorite of mine. I think it has to do with the complexity of the sounds generated and the changing nature it has. It's clearly hard to define as a genre and even harder to explain the inherent beauty I find in it. The last show I saw of theirs, which incidentally was their first, was amazing. It's a mixture of moods, music, friends, videos, comedy and wine. This should be fun and hopefully let me regain something of my soul.