Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Puscifer and Whales Vagina.

Got back from San Diego yesterday and what a great quick trip it was. Puscifer was dead on, as always. The music is they type you can really feel and not just hear. Its more of an experience than just a show. So many sounds from different instruments blend to a point of perfection with the hint of lyrics from two sycronized and complementary singers.

Some of the down sides? The fans. From waiting in line seeing all the Tool shirts to shouts of "Maynard!" during brief moments of silence. Some of these fans seem to be the loyal "Maynard" followers that don't seem to understand the differences of each endeavor of his. Let it be said that I am also a Tool fan, an A Perfect Circle fan and I'm even a fan of the many wines that Maynard James Keenan produces. It seems what ever he touches he puts his heart and soul into ensuring a quality product, whatever that product maybe, but when I am at a Puscifer concert I'm there for Puscifer. Not to gush over the "lead singer" but to enjoy the entire experience which honestly, is bigger than he is.

Some up sides? I met and got autographs not only from Maynard James Keenan but also the opening band Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival. The one I got from Mr. Keenan was part of the "Meet and Greet" ticket I bought which was interesting but something I won't be doing again. It wasn't as much a meeting or a greeting but more him signing a CD and handing it to me. I was grateful, thanked him and as I did so I did my nervous little bow to which he said something I was to nervous to remember and bowed back. He was very polite but as I was standing in line I started getting nervous, not because of who I was gonna meet but because I was in line with strangers about to meet a stranger...If you know me, I don't do well around strangers, hence the nervous bow.

Meeting Brother Ed and Brother Ant of Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival was not included in the ticket however, it was just a chance we crossed paths. I first saw them last time I saw Puscifer and was enamored but at that show I couldn't find there CD for sale so before the concert started this time I found it and bought it. As the concert came to a close I went over to find something to buy at the Pucisfer merch area. I was standing there and Tony, my friend that was nice enough to accompany me on this adventure, pointed behind me and said "Look" I turned around and saw them. I told them about first seeing them, how much I enjoyed them and then asked if they would sign my newly purchased CD to which they did. They were also very polite and appreciative of gaining a new fan.

All in all a great night with a great friend.