Thursday, January 29, 2009


I got the cast list from Little Shop Of Horrors yesterday and I got cast as the Dentist Orin. Yes, I have to sing. No, I do not have any training other than loudly mimicking songs behind the relative safety of the windows in my car. This will be a great challenge for me but will be worth every minute of it.

I have been on the radio twice so far promoting Coyote Idol and our Friday the 13th Classic Movie Night. Being the V.P. of the Theatre Arts Club has been both exciting and utterly depressing. We have already done so much to promote the school, and in my opinion, more than anyone else. But every corner we turn we seem to be met with political B.S. from governing bodies of the school. Even if I were to stay here another semester, I seriously doubt I would try for a re-election. You know what? Strike that. If I do end up staying here I'm going to run for office in the Student Body and change it all from the top down. Lets all hope it does not come to that.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's been awhile.

Some time has passed since my last post, sorry about that. I haven't been feeling all that hot lately and things just seem to be forgotten...OK well maybe I do think of them but then I ignore them. Things are going well, other than that. I had my kids this weekend and we celebrated my sons' birthday a little early. He will be 13 this week and I am just going insane because of it. He's a good kid and so hopefully he doesn't get into the trouble I got into around his age.

School has started and between classes and my duties as V.P. I should be kept busy this semester. Speaking of, on Tuesday the third we are having auditions for Coyote Idol. If you don't know what it is, its really just a talent show where the judges act like the people from American Idol. The judges don't actually pick the winners, that is up to the audience voting, but its a blast to watch.

I put an application in with the Boys and Girls Club as well. I'm hoping with the volunteer work I have already done they will know who I am and then hopefully have a job again, but only time will tell. That's all for now, I have to get ready for classes tonight, we have auditions and this one is a musical so I'm a little scared.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is how I love to paty on Friday nights.

I had my children with me this weekend. It was great. On Friday it was my daughter's birthday. I took her, my boys and my girlfriend to a new place here in town called RC Bouncers. ( It's a pretty cool place but, seems a little strict. You have to go over the rules before you play. OK, no problem. You can't run. OK, two kids smashing into each other at light speed could be disastrous. No belts or piercings or poky stuff. OK, I dig. Piercings could get ripped out and belts or poky things could cause a major tare resulting in injuries or death.
OK, rules are fine and dandy but as my chillins began to frolic about, I noticed some rules not stated in the "Rule Meeting" one such rule as "I will blow my loud obnoxious whistle at you to get you to stop whatever it is you are doing." Getting someones attention and blowing a whistle in an inclosed space are two different things. The other rule I noticed seemed to be "No bouncing". This troubled me greatly as they tout "Bouncing" in their name. Seems strange to me but the kids had fun and I will definitely take them back.
After the bouncing we all went to John's Pizza for; dinner, friends, gifts and... so the kids could continue playing. We all had a wonderful time. Audrey got a few gifts in the form of money, which was quickly turned in for tokens. Everything else was Hanna Montana, well except for the socks which she did actually love. She turned in her tickets at the end of the night, got what she wanted and was a very happy birthday girl.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pool table for sale.

I am selling my pool table. It is a great table, a few dings and scratches but over all it is beautiful. Real slate, Real wood, not some cheap Wal-Mart table. Let me know if you are interested and spread the word. $1000.

I wish I didn't have to but I just have no place for it and it is not being used. I figure when I can afford a place that is big enough for a pool table I'll be able to afford another one. Who knows, maybe even a bigger one with six legs :)