Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swing and a miss.

So my court date to get divorced and all the stuff that goes with it was scheduled for today 3/26/09. I show up at the court around eight or so this morning and find my name is not on the docket so I go and find out why. I am told that my court date was yesterday 3/25/09. This confuses me so I ask to see the paperwork in my file and I see that where the 26 was originally written it has been whited out and a 25 is now in its place. Somehow my ex found this out and decided not to tell me. I'm not that mad at her about it because it really isn't her responsibility to let me know but because I "failed to appear" the case was dropped and I have to wait another month for a new court date. I have records proving the original date was the 26th so I will be able to show the Judge those papers and hopefully he won't hold my "FTA" against me in any judgments.

This pisses me off for so many reasons I can't even begin to list them all. I have had nothing but trouble with the people I keep having to file shit with. I haven't figured out if its laziness or just plain incompetence but it needs to stop.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The past week or so.

So I promised myself I wold be more up to date, alas I have failed. Last weekend I went to Mammoth and snowboarded for the first time since I was about 12 or 13. I had a great time there with some great friends. I have no problem speeding down a hill of snow in a straight line but stopping that's where the trouble begins. It usually ends with me on my ass. I did have a great time, all injury's aside, and can't wait until next time.

The week went by relatively smoothly. Went to work up until Friday (will be explained later on) had a read through of a radio play we are doing soon, hung out with friends on Wednesday...just normal, low key, relaxing stuff.

Friday I went on our Theatre Arts Club annual L.A. trip, hence no work on Friday. We left early that morning and went to tour Sony Studio first. It was a great tour and our tour guide had some of us do a little acting, which was fun for the ones chosen and fun for the others to watch. I was somewhere in the middle. He used me as a producer. I didn't do much but I was able to sit in the executive chair due to my "status" so that was cool. as we were standing in the hall to a sound stage an actress from the show Til Death walked through and past one really recognized her and even when the tour guide said who she was and what show she was on, not a big reaction came out of us. Sorry whoever you were.

On we went to the Jeopardy stage. Didn't do much there but sit in the audience section and talk a little about the show and blah blah blah, then we moved on. the rest of the tour was somewhat uneventful but still, I think its fun seeing a working studio.

After the tour we went to our hotel to check in and get ready for the show Grease at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The was a really good show and even included everyones favorite American Idol winner Taylor Hicks but I have seen Wicked the last two times I've been there and Grease, Although fantastic in its own right, just isn't as spectacular. After the show we went to the hotel and went to bed.

I'll try and wrap Saturday up as quick as possible because I know some of you have an incredibly short attention span and may not have you much longer. We woke up for our combat workshop. It was the shizzy. We all were hacking at each other with big bad ass swords. After that we went to take a tour of the Kodak Theatre where the Academy Awards are held. It is very pretty inside and was very informative. Then we went to the Santa Monica Pier. I took a million pictures and we ate at Bubba Gumps there at the Pier. The on to Comedy Sportz for an improv show. They are in a tournament right now so the room was packed and we had to sit on chairs they had brought out from the back. Cool little side note, One of the guys doing the improv, who is extremely funny, is the guy who played the new Jason.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back in the saddle again.

I have not been on the computer for sometime now. It's my iPhone. It has completely taken over my life. Between work, school, a girlfriend and getting my kids (when I'm allowed) I have been managing my time poorly. I'm hoping I have fixed that and will fall into a nice little routine soon.

Work has been going well. I just got done with my first week and now know the kids a little better which will help me tremendously. I believe this is the first job that i have had that gives me weekends off, so that's neat.

School is going well, still learning lines and blocking but we are great for where we are at and how much time we have to be ready. The set is going to be amazing and the puppet for Audrey 2 is amazing. My friend is helping with costumes and is making my little girl a dress to match the girls that sing on stage, I hope my ex lets me take the kids to see the show.