Thursday, May 28, 2009


I don't have much to say. I haven't felt much like writting lately. I don't know why. I am getting myself ready to go to a funeral. That in and of itself could be one reason. I'm sure once its all over and I get to feeling a little better I'll return with a new vigor and passion for the written word.

I went to the viewing last night and met up with some old friends. We plan on seeing eachother more regularly and I hope we follow through with it. Sometimes in life its hard to make time, even to just hang out, but as close as we all once were I'm sure we will be again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Sad news"

"Sad news" Thats what the email was titled. Titles like that always make me nervious, with good cause. I found out last night that an old friend had passed away a few days ago, Caleb Bezanson. I say "old friend" not as in a friend who is old but a friend that I have known for many years. As with the many losses I have faced, I find myself asking the same questions "How?" "Why?" to which I know the answers will bring no better comfort, no real answers. It befuddles me, the strength of human spirit but the fragility of human life.

I have not seen Caleb in quite sometime. Still the news comes as a shock and disapointment. I will have many fond memorys to hold on to while remembering him and his family. The good times, the bad times and the "what were we thinking?" times (of which we had many). It's an interesting thing, the tides of life. How they bring us together and without even noticing, drift us apart.

Hug your kids a little harder, tell the people you love that you do and try to leave this world a little better than you found it. To Pam, Sally, Rich and the multitude whom are to many to list, My thoughts are with you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Christian and I went shooting with some friends yesterday. We had a great time. One of them is from England and had no idea the feeling it brings to just grab some friends, guns, smokes and water. After that we went to another friends house for a swim. Good times, good times.Now that school is out I am no longer acting. This affects me in strange and interesting ways. I go through this continual wave of emotions when I get a new acting role and when its over. I love acting, its my life. I hope on my travels this summer I can pick up a few things here and there. I havnt written in a while and I now see the toll it has taken... I will write more later, hopefully I get it back.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visual aide to last post.

From Left to Right; Katrine (President), Chad/me (Vice President), Christian/my hot girlfriend (Treasurer), Brittany (Representative), Beckie (Secretary). Outstanding job my friends!

From left to right; Gavin (best male techie), Krysten (best actor, female, comedic), Chad/me (best actor, male, both comedic and dramatic), Robin (best student director and best female techie), Christian/smoking hot girlfriend (best actor, female, dramatic). good job guys!


OK, so we had our Theatre Arts Club banquet tonight. We have one every year but because we were so awesome this year, we actually had it catered. I was originally on the planning committee but backed out because, as the V.P., I have done so much with the club already I wanted to kinda sit back and enjoy it. Yea, didn't happen. I have helped almost every step of the way. Its all good though. I'm not saying I did everything, I'm just saying I didn't actually get away from the planning committee. hahaha. As crazy as it was behind the scenes, I think we pulled off a great dinner and show and if you don't agree with me then, then...then whatever. Yea, I went there.As with every year, we held our votes for best actor, best techie, all that stuff. I won for both categories for male acting. That's great and all for me, but I was really hoping a guy named Calvin would have gotten the Comedic one at least. I like being recognized for what I do but then I feel like an asshole or something. There is a fine line between graciousness and arrogance, that's all I'm saying.

I also got a plaque saying I was Vice President of the Theatre Arts Club. Every officer gets one every year but I feel like the officers this year earned it. We have done a lot of work this year and I for one can look at this plaque in the future, remember 2008-2009 and feel good about what I did.

In other news, the final paperwork for divorce is almost done. I now know how much I have to pay for child support (for some reason that word always sounds so negative) The ex-is still difficult as all hell but I guess that's the usual with exes. I'm sure someday in the future once we all get used to our routine it might level out :l here's to hoping.Reading over this it kinda sounds like I'm bitching, I'm not. In any way. I have been enjoying life and being busy, its overwhelming sometimes but rewarding. I have also been cigarette free for about a month now and feel like I'm done for good. No huge cravings, just small ones that I quickly get over.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My computer

Well my computer is now back to life with a new addition. I am so happy to have my fun little device back. not quite sure what else to say right now because I'm busy putting a presentation together for my banquet tomorrow.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I can't believe I screwed up so bad tonight. It looks as if no one noticed but I know. And I hate that feeling of working on something so hard just to screw it up at the moment it matters most. I know I'm hard on myself but it really gets under my skin. (hahaha. I said hard on. But no time to laugh about it now!)

Tomorrow will be better. I know I know my shit and I'll be spot on. But I still won't tell the people tonight I messed up. If they ask ok, but I'm not offering.

Show this weekend!

Holy crap. I haven't had time to do much. Well that is, much extra. Between publicity, school, my job, kids, and girlfriend I have very little me time. It doesn't bother me that much but I am looking forward to having it soon.

The play "Little Shop of Horrors" opened this weekend and yesterday we sold completely out. That has not happened at the college that I have knowledge of. This makes me very happy. All the people involved have been working hard on this project and I am very proud of what we all have accomplished.

As for my divorce... although it has been finalized in court by a judge there is a big brick wall holding something up, I'm not sure what is being held up but I know it is. I'm sure its the court clerks office because it is filled with morons and pricks (save one). Their supposed to fill out something and my ex is supposed to file something or something...all I know is that I have done my part of everything as far as I know and it seems as if I cant help it along. I will check Monday and see if they can figure out their mistake. But all that is small frys really because I'm not the one who wants to remarry, so as long as I am seeing my kids, I don't really care how long it takes if I'm not the one to blame. If it is me than I am completely in the dark.

My Brother is leaving Iraq in a few days and that makes me happy. He seems to have a tough time with wanting/not wanting to be there because he knows if he is not watching over his brothers in arms, they are not getting the proper protection, or direction they could be having if he were there. On the other hand his beautiful family whom he loves with all his heart is home stateside without him while he is away, not being able to have his wisdom at their disposal. He has made some great sacrifices and hard decision but I for one think he is a better man and greater human for it. That will never change in my eyes.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sprinting to keep up.

Holy crap I have been busy! I got my radio drama finished with the Theatre Arts Club and can’t wait to hear it. My Divorce has been finalized and now I am able to see my children a whole lot more. We have a great time together and we have missed each other very much. It breaks my heart a little when they say things like “I’m glad we get to see you now.” but it also lifts my spirits to know they do love me.

Yesterday alone I did two radio interviews, sold advertisement space on our radio show, had food, washed the car, changed oil in car, did laundry for Vegas trip, then showered, went to work, got the kids for dinner, took them home, went to our final Theatre Arts Club meeting of the semester, and topped the evening off with two drinks at Mickey’s with good friends.

I have also been working on the play Little Shop of Horrors which has consumed much of my time. The play opens next weekend and is turning out to be fantastic. Although I am super amazing in the show, I think the plant will end up stealing the spotlight. Being the first musical I have had a role bigger than “Chours” it has been a learning experience for me.

I head off to Vegas today for the weekend and a little R&R, well I never really end up resting but it is so relaxing, strange. I’m going with my girlfriend Christian, my friend and his wife (Shad and Katrina), and my brother and his wife (Shay and Karissa). So it will be as follows: Shay, Shad and Chad with Christian, Katrina and Karissa…what a mouthful… you know what, I’ll let that one linger. Wish us all happy fun time.