Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy Busy Busy.

I have become so incedibly busy lately that I can't get everything done and please everyone at the same time. It's a change for me to actually be busy with important things rather than just stupid stuff. The Theater Arts Club went out and helped the boys and girls club. We played some games with them and hads a great time. It's nice to see us as a club doing something with the comunity. I am also spending the weekend with my kids and a bunch of nephews and neices. It is going great and we are about to go watch my nephews football game. After that we will be having a pizza party at my moms house and on Sunday we are going to BBQ at my friends house and celebrate her dogs first birthday. They grow so fast.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A couple days with my kids.

So I got back home from Vegas. Tuesday my father was in town and my ex let me have our kids so we could all go to dinner. I don't think they have seen eachother since Thanksgiving last year. We had mexican at Casa Carona and had a blast. I invited my girlfrind Christian so she and my dad could meet. It went great. After dinner their mother came and picked them up and I asked if I could take them to the Circus. She said yes but was a little reluctant because she wanted to take them as well. In the end she agreed I could take them and I am (and was) very greatful for that. Fast forward to Thursday. I get the kids dropped off to me and head to the Circus. We get our tickets, go in and see all the animal's there; Lamas, Ponys, Horses, Elephants...even a Hippo! The Elephants were giving rides at six dollars a ride. I asked the kids if they wanted to do it and Miss A. was to scared, Mr. A. wasn't interested and Mr. J. said "YEA!" We got him on his quick little ride and then went in to see the Circus. We met up with Christian and her little bro and had a wonderful time watching the Circus. During intermission Miss A. got her face painted like a cat. I don't care what anyone says, my daughter is the most beautiful thing on this planet and I have pictures to prove it. Anyway, so the Circus ends and Mr. A didn't get anything. I only had five dollars left and all he wanted was a snow cone. Snow cones were two fifty so I told the other to I would get them one but they had to share which they were not to keen on. I explaned that one got an Elephant ride and the other got a face painting so he got his own snw cone. As I got the snow cones Mr A. told me to ask for a cup to split it with so I did, the response was "two fifty." I said "Two fifty for an empty cup?" to which I got "It's two fifty per cup, empty or full." We then walked away and I said sorry guys. The next thing I know a guy comes up to me and hands me a five dollar bill. He said "Here you go. You two get one too." My children and I thanked him and got the extra snow cones and we all hung out together eating them and getting brain freaze. I had such a great time with my kids and am happy to know there are some good people left in this world.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am back from vegas.

As you can tell I did not win the jackpot, so sorry, no car this time Helga. I did have a great time though. I spent time with my Mom, My sister-in-law- Karissa, and an old friend Cheri that was getting married. I didn't make it to Vegas until Fri. evening, first thing I did was take a shower then we went to Nine Fine Irishmen for dinner and to watch the band play. They were great like always. If you have been there let me know if you danced or have seen the little old lady that goes there every night, if you have share storys and photos with me. Mine will be up soon. We stayed there until about two A.M. and then went to Tropicana to gamble a little. Nothing to exciting, but we stayed out until about five and then got a cab back to the room. I woke up around noon all alone because all the girls went to get their nails done. I met up with them at The nail place after my shower and waited around there until they were done. When they were all done and pretty Karissa and I headed over to the dirt mall where she got a smaller purse and I got one of Gimlie's axe's from Lord of The Rings. We then went to get ready for the wedding. The service was nice and it was short. We took alot of pictures and cant wait to give them to Cheri and her husband. After the wedding it was off to Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. It was just me and Karissa because everyone else had to change so we stopped on the way and got these little 25 or so ounce drinks in cute little cups that had a guitar on the front. We then finished our walk to Planet Hollywood and walked around a bit waiting for the rest of our party and while waiting I saw a guy with a real looking guitar cup, it is shaped like a guitar, neck and all, and had a strap to wear it like a guitar....I had to have one. Karissa asked where we could find them and he pointed us to the the bar I needed and we went straight there. I waited in line and asked how much it was and how much it held to which the answer was "32.00 dollars and its 88 ounces. For 2 more bucks you can get an extra shot." I smiled and said "Yes please." Again, pics will be up soon. To make the rest of the story as short as possable, we then ate at P.F. changs and it was great, stayed out extra late again that night. Next day sunday, Wake up around noon, get ready, go eat at dick's that was funny, then off to the gun store to fire weapons. I ordered a packeage deal and shot A pistol (can't remember what one) An M16 and the S.A.W. it even comes with a shirt. Karissa shot the M16. I took video of it and she looks nervous and pale when the guy is telling her what to do. We got some good pictures there and then went to a Halloween store and got some halloween costumes. We then went to the condo, packed up and went home. I got Karissa home in Temecula and then I went home around two A.M. just because I wasn't all that tired. I got to R/C at 5 A.M. and unpacked and feel asleep. Good times good times.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you think?

So I was watching a U.F.O show tonight and got to thinking...What do you all believe out there? I believe it is a very real possibilty that they are actual E.T. crafts but I don't put 100% belief in that. I have seen very strange things in the sky but also keep in consederation that I am near/on a very large air weapons base. I also understand that our world is filled with very strange things. Taking that into consideration, our universe is not only huge, but not even close to being understood in its fulliest. I am 100% sure there is life in our universe somewhere other than earth, but how much of that is intelligent life, I just don't know...Look at whats considered intelligent life here on Earth.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My patch!

This is what I have done with my badass patch. I've made it even more badass by adding the Dropkick Murphys to it...or have I made the Dropkick Murphys more badass? You be the judge.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A quick thought on the rich and famous.

I heard that the Dark Knight movie is being rereleased so the oscar comity can keep it in mind. My question is, what oscar(s) is that movie going to get and how many? I think its impossible to say that Heath Ledger won't get the best supporting actor, or something along those lines, and I say this for more reasons other than "well, it's his last role, he should get it." A friend of mine first told me Heath was playing the Joker back when he was still alive and we both were very excited about it. He looked nothing like him self in the first pictures i saw of the character. I have seen him in many movies and this was the first time that I saw him play a character that was compleatly diffrent from him self, not that I knew him personally but you know what I mean. I hope he does recieve the oscar I believe he earned not because he passed away unexpectedly but because he deserves it. I am an actor my self and can't wait for the day I can play a character as interesting as the Joker and as disimiler from me as possable. And I can't wait to do as good a job, or better, than he did. Again I say, Congrats on a geat life, and great career Heath Ledger.

What now?

I won!!!!! I am VP of the theatre arts what?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What an all over the place day.

Today started out like all my days, boring. The thing is my "day" starts in the afternoon and so during the moring to until my "day" starts I am sitting around bored off my ass. I wish I could find something to do which is constructive but I simply lack the insperation or motivation to do anything. Hopefully I get unstuck soon. I called my "boss" this afternoon and told him I needed traing up here in Ridgecrest and he asked "You haven't been trained?" to which I replied "Well, somebody came up here for an hour or two and showed me around the computer but I tried I actually have no clue what I'm doing." as he breathed a sigh of frustration he said "I will have someone call you" which they have not. The job only pays about 25 dollars a week and im not sure thats worth the frustration, but that does pay for my cell phone. After that frustrating call, I hate talking to people, I went up to school a little early to sign up for a weightlifting class. I met with Mr. Ernst and I told him my situation and he is getting me on track with getting bigger. He explaned most everyone wants to tone so they do smaller amounts of weight with about 8-10 reps, but I need as much weight as I can lift with only one or two reps, a few minutes to cool off and then do it again. I only have a few machines I am working with because I am mainly working on my upper body. After that I went to my theater production class. We had a saftey meeting so we all know how to be safe with tools and how we deal with things if someone does get hurt, which is usually find Chad and the first aid kit. We then started on blocking, fun fun fun. Unfourtunatly while we were being dismissed someone fell and hurt them selves on the stairs. We decided because it happened at school the best course of action was to get a report on it and take said injured person to the E.R. for them to be examened, I drove them there and waited until they were in the proper care of others before leaving, hope all is well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stuck again.

So its been awhile, I just wish there was a pause button for life so I could just take time to breath or think or catch up on shit. I am sure everyone feels this way so me bitching about it seems a little lame so lets just say I'm bitching for all of us out there. I have had an ok week and hope things get better. I spent this last weekend drunk out of my head for one last binge before getting in shape, it didn't work out so good. I had fun and all but up to a point, latly I've just been feeling like I'm stuck in a rut, probably because I am stuck in a rut. I have many more hurdles to jump before getting this whole devorice thing finalized and that sucks, I thought December I would be done with it but alas, things have not worked according to plan. That is most likely the cause of much of the stress I have beeen feeling lately. On a brighter side of things my big sis sent me my patch from a give away she did. I was so excited when I saw the envolope to see what I got, I actually waited until I went to school and came back to hold on to the suprise. When I opened the envolope I found a sweet little card and the Crater Lake patch, I didn't know what I was going to do with it until I went in my room and saw my Dropkick Murpys soccer jersy. The colors match and I think a jersy is a good place for a patch. Other than that life has been life, not enough hours in the day to get things done, not enough hours at night to sleep well but to many hours to enjoy any of it. I can't wait to get out of here again.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

General shizzy.

So it's been almost a week of me being smoke free and I think I'm doing pretty good, I have had cravings but I'm trying out this new fad to help me quit, I think its called "self control". Its an interesting little tool and I wonder how long it has been in practice around the world. Classes are going good but I always hate the begining, it always seems so slow and I want to cut right to the good stuff and skip all the weird shit (thankyou very much voice class) I'm not trying to "campign" right now but as I have said before I am running for Vice-President of the theater arts club. I have many ideas and want the club to have more members, more fun, and more particapation. So if you have a chance Go to the theater arts club meeting Thursday at 7:30 p.m. even if you dont intend to vote for me, the more people that are there the better the club will be. O.K. enough of that...for now. Tonight I am going to go watch the fight at a friends house. I don't know exactly who is fighting but I love to watch a good sporting event. As per my new reulations of working out, I have decided I am going to walk there. Its not to far away but I think I will leave an hour early and stop by the store for a beer or two for the fight. I haven't been in shape for about 10 years probably so I am excited to see how much better I will feel in general.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another smokless day.

I have decided to run for Vice President of the theatre arts club. I have a lot of free time and want to get into doing more for and with the club. We will see how that goes. I have found out that for the part I got in the play I am going to need to work my ass off. I don't think I need to lose weight as much as gain muscle mass, so I am going to be walking, running, doing sit ups, pull ups as much as I can. It's strange the things we will do for one thing but not ourselves. Maybe I'll do a before and after pic.

And the results are in.

I got the part I wanted! The character is Hal and the play is Picnic by William Inge. When I got the cast list I looked down to find my name and saw that I got the part of Hal and I smiled...then paniced. I am confident I will do a great job but before I memorize my parts I always have a fear of not being able to. I always get it done in the end but the fear is still there. Also still not smoking :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So I did not smoke today. I was around people that were smoking, I wanted to smoke but did not, yea. We will see how the next few days go. Tomorrow I find out what part (if any) I get in the newiest play at Cerro Coso called "Picnic" by William Inge. This is the first play that I have been involved with at the college that parts were not guaranteed for everyone who auditioned. I am confident I have a part but I am unsure if I am getting the part I want most.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am a quiter

I have decided to actually try to quit smoking. I do this not for my health or any good reason other than the smell is begining to bother me a little. It will be hard because a lot of my friends smoke but they are great friends and I'm sure will be supportive. On the health side of it I figure if I'm gonna quit, I might as well try a healthy lifestyle for a bit. I figure all it will take is changing a few habits. I know that habits are a hard thing to break or change but I figure if I really put my mind to it I can do it. I'll be healthier, stronger, happier and all around feeling better. I will try to post daily with my progress.