Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I hate waiting.

Everything seems to happen to me all at once or not at all. I had two job interviews and an audition for a cartoon. The cartoon people told me I would know by the end of the week. That was two weeks ago and I finally heard back, I did not get it. O.K. no big deal I have other things on the horizon. I had my other interviews one that would pay great and have good benefits and the other just a job to have some money in my pocket. I have now waited 3 days after I was told I would know about the good job and have lost out on the other one because they needed someone ASAP. I am taking my chances with the better job and I had better get it. My brother whom I live with may be moving back to California and if he does I might have no other choice than to go back to Ridgecrest. Now that I know how much and why I hate Ridgecrest, I can't imagine going back.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I made it safe and sound back to Alb. I got in last night around one A.M. I got stuck in Arizona for a while due to rain and flooding. It was raining and hailing so hard I could barely see so I decided it would be a good idea to stop off at one of those little "rock" stores. I did so and tried to leave about 15 minutes later and the exit/entrance to the highway was under water. I decided not to risk it and pulled over and just sat and enjoyed the lightning. Then a Porche came down and thought "This things a boat too right?" well let me tell is not. It stalled out in the deepend and he had to climb out and walk through the muddy water. A truck eventually pulled it out and he grabbed a cup and started scooping water out of it, then he tried to start it and guess what! It didn't start. I will post pics soon. Also today I have an interview with Pepsi and as I was getting read I got a phone call. It was the casting agency I've been working with and they want me back on "Run for her life." I love it here, I can't wait for my kids to come out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Like The Flash, I'm off.

I am on the road again. I leave in the morning to venture back to Albuquerque. I have been here a little over a week and it has seemed like a year. I've seen sun, rain, floods and even hail. You know the end of the world is here when Ridgecrest has that kind of weather in July! I had a great time with my kids, they are so cool. We played video games (my oldest kicking my ass on Rock Band) We swam (me sitting in the shade the whole time due to the lobster suit I was wearing) We went out for a few meals (thanks Mom) We even had a little party (they helped me pick out food and sodas and loved being involved). I miss them so much being so far away but I know it will eventually be worth it. I don't know when I will be back next because I have a few things lined up for me as far as work goes. One is for a law firm, one is for Pepsi, and then the cartoon. There are cons and pros to all of them and after I weigh all my options I'm sure I'll make the right decision(s).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

F'ing R/C

I am now compleatly and comfortably fine with hating Ridgecrest, CA. I have lived in that shit hole for sixteen years and loved every minute of it. I loved it being small and easy to navigate, small crime rate, good military influance... ect. ect. ect. I fucking hate Ridgecrest now. Lets start with #1 Small and easy to navigate, well yea thats nice but it makes it a lot eaiser to drink and drive. #2 small crime rate, Hahahaha. Who is kidding who? the crime rate here would jump 1000% if there were any competant cops around, I mean just look at the city council and how many crimes are committed there. #3 Good military influance? The people i have meet that are actually inlisted are stupid as fuck, the only good this military base has is its enginers. Fuck R/C.
P.S. I have been here for 5 days.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back in the U.S.S.R/C

I am now back in the good ole' R/C, but only for a short time. I went to Venice Beach yesterday and am now lobster man. I had a great time there. I went with Chiristian and a group of friends. When we got there Christian and I went straight out to the water and didnt come back on land for two and a half or three hours. It didn't seem like that long but we were having fun. We were out there boogie boarding and we caught a few waves and a few waves caught us. My left nipple ring was removed by one wave and another rolled me around and made me do a few summer saults under water. When we did get out of the water we walked down where all the shops and muscle are to have some lunch. We found a "deli" that was a little pricey but good. I ended up spending $50 on the both of us just for lunch, but she's worth it and the food was great. After lunch we went back out into the water for a few hours and walked around the shops again. We stopped to watch one of the street performers there and I was taking a lot of pictures, so he decided to grab me and put me in his little act. First thing he did was stand me face to face with him, then he took off my shirt. Christian had the camera by now and I havent seen the pictures yet but I'm sure they are great. He then made me dance "dance monkey dance" it was mostly The Robot moves and some pelvic thursts and if you know me, was fricking hilarious. The day was coming to a close so we packed up and headded back to R/C stopped in Lancaster for some food and continued on. We got home around eleven and I went straight to sleep. It was a great trip. So I am now in R/C for about one week. My Sis in Alb. has told me about a job I need to get back for so I can't extend my stay. I am still waiting to hear about the cartoon but things look promising.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Picking up the pieces.

So I have gotten in contact with my insurance company to pick up the pieces of my broken car. Everything should be fixed while I am in R/C, I just have to give them a call when I get to town so they can send out a rep to check it out. I am so incredibly upset with myself over this. I am one of the best drivers I know and I love my car, it pains me to see her all messed up (yea I know, I need a hobby right?). Today I went out to lunch with my sis again and when she saw it I said "Meteorite." I don't think she believed me. I told her the story over lunch, which took forever, we laughed, ate, and she went back to work. I came back to the house, played Gutair Hero 3, including the Dropkick Murphys songs I downloaded last night.

Monday, July 7, 2008


So I got up today and was going to cash some checks I'm still getting from the movies I just did. I have found the place I want to rent and after cashing my checks was going to look for work in that area. I get all nice looking to pick up applications, come down stairs to find my car with a flat tire. I was screwed. I mean I letarly had a screw in my flat tire. My brother helps me out with changing my tire and gives me his Sam's Club card to go and get it patched. So I'm a little upset it's going to take me longer to get my stuff done but am pleasently suprised when I get my car back and they tell me Sam's Club dosen't charge there members for patches. I get in my car a little happier having not paid for something so frustrating. I drive down Alameda heading to the 25 to get to Old Town when I feel a sharp pain in my left arm, I look down kill what ever bug had been biting me and before I look up *crunch*. I look up and find the nose of my car up the ass of the car in front of me. "Fuck!" We pull over he gets my info and I'm back on my way to Old Town to look for work in the area, only now I am in an extreamly bad mood. I get to the area I want to be in but decide instead to grab a margarita and a shrimp cocktail. Then I go back home. I have had a horrable day and can't wait for it to be over.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a weekend!

My fourth of July weekend started off on Thursday the third. I drove down to Socorro, NM to spend some time with an old friend named Daniel. We met up at a brewery down there and had an early dinner. I had steak and a dark stout ale, he had what resembled a huge saltine cracker his words were something along the lines of “can I get pizza bread with no sauce just some olive oil and some salt, cook that bitch up.” So we finish up and go over to his place so he can get changed from work and get ready to go out. The plan was to meet up at a bar, hang out, drink and wait for his friends whom he wanted to introduce me too, or introduce them to me, or for us all to meet each other. Throughout the night people come and go and I end up meeting Jamie, Amanda, John, Marcus and a few others who I have forgotten their names. We all got the pleasure of meeting some one who we started calling “Liberty Bell” because he had on a shirt that resembled the flag of our great nation. Somehow he had leached onto our group and became very fond of me. He stood way to close, asked questions I had no idea how to answer, and tried to touch me way too much. Let me describe this man in detail, about 5’7’’, small to medium build, dark skin (either Mexican or Native American) his tooth line didn’t start until just behind where his K-9’s should have been (both top and bottom) a shirt that had stars and strips on the sleeves, and eyes that were as blank as a fart, real high class. He spent his time with everyone but kept coming back to me and as I became more and more visibly uneasy Jamie starts in with, “Hey Chad, remember when we got married that one time?” I thought to my self “I don’t know where you’re going with this but I’ll play along and I hope it helps.” So I said “yea, that was crazy huh?”
“yea that was a crazy year. I was so drunk.”
“Well Vegas can do that to you”
“Oh man, our therapist thought you were an asshole!”
“Well she called you a bitch.”
“When I was fucking her.”
As we talked she came closer and closer and got in between L.B. and I so we could have our little discussion. I had only just met her and am in a good relationship but I was very welcoming to having her as a barrier between L.B. and I. He just stood there and listened as we went deeper and deeper into “our fucked up relationship.” He asked if we had kids and I let her field that one waiting to see what I could add to it, “No, I was pregnant once but he was so sweet and pushed me down the stairs.”
“Yea, but we were on coke. That shit will fuck you up man.”
The rouse worked for a little while until we all gathered for a picture and the asshole taking it tells L.B. “Get in there man.” So where does he go? Right in between Jamie and I. He basically squeezed her out and stood right next to me. After a few hours of this crap we finally had enough and someone asked the bouncer to ask him to leave. It took a few attempts but he finally left. I then thanked Jamie for helping me out and for being so funny. We all hung out until the bar closed went home drank until the sun came up and got very little sleep for the fourth. On the fourth we meet up with Jamie, Amanda, Ian, and John ate lunch and fired off some fire works. Now New Mexico has the cool fireworks, the ones that explode and go in the air and all that cool shit. So we shot a few off and at nine o’clock we went to the golf course, laid out a blanket and had some beers as the towns show went off over our heads. It was a very good show and I got some amazing pictures. After the show was over we went back Jamie and Amanda’s house, fired off what we had left, went to the bar had some more drinks then back to the house for some beer pong and then around three Daniel and I went back to his place for some rest, he had to work in the morning. The next day we had lunch at the golf course and I waited around his house until about six. I walked down to a bar called “The Stage Door” where Jamie worked and waited for Daniel to get off work. That night we ended up back at Jamie and Amanda’s house for more booze and more good times. Needless to say but I had a wonderful time with my friend, meeting new ones and blowing shit up.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

No cell service.

I am leaving Albuquerque for a few days and am visiting a friend about an hour south. I am spending the fourth of July down there and my family here seems a little upset but they will get over it. I have also decided not to take my cell phone. I really want to get away from everything just for a little bit and think it will be a fun adventure. I have absolutly no plans and no obligations.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My day.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my sis Reasha. We had a great time, I enjoy when we get together because I havent seen her as much as my other siblings over the past 16 years. She has a great personality that goes well with mine. Anyone who likes Aressted Development as much as I do has to be awsome. We had a great lunch and before I dropped her off back at work she pointed me in the direction of a record store. I had some time to kill before my audition so I went looking. I have been trying to find a record by a local band called Flake to no avail. My brother bought it years ago as we passed through here but he some how left it in his car and it became melted. I am trying to get him a replacement and if posible one for myself as well. Like I said I couldnt find the Flake album but I was able to find and perchase 2 Cat Stevens, 1 Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers and 1 Rolling Stones, I love records. This record store also had some vintage clothing that I looked through and found a shirt that was from some sort of Halloween get together back in 1991, it has a ribcage and arm bones on it so naturally, I had to have it. I had about 2 hours left before my audition and I was about 45 minutes away from where I live so I decided to kill time by taking my records home. 45 minutes later I dropped off the records and headed back out to go audition. I ended up only a few blocks away from the record store. I was the third person there and the third to audition. I was the only person who was trying out for Osiris that I know of so my chances look good. After that was all done with I decided to find a winery and relax a little bit. I punched a feww things into my navigation system (to which I always say "computer" before using and "engage" when I'm done.) and I found a winery only five miles away. I grabbed a glass and sat down by the pond and the day just washed off. I was very relaxed and it was so beautiful. The sky was dark due to a storm that was rolling in and that added to the beauty of this incredible land. I have always loved the summer storms of New Mexico and as the winery was closing I decided I hadnt had enough yet. I headed back twards home and stopped in a little bar called Crazy Croc's Tavern. It sits on a little hill over looking Albuquerque and facing the mountians. I sat there and watched the lightning for a good three hours, then people were showing up and they ruined it. I then went home watched a movie and went to bed. It was a great day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I watched the first episode of Thundercats last night. It was fanfuckingtastic. I only watched one episode because my girlfriend will be coming out to visit me soon from California and I want to save all that joy and excitment to share with her. I did however watch the special feature "Feel the magic, hear the roar!" starring Wil Wheaton. Ok well maybe not starring but he is the only name they feature on the box set. Wil Wheaton is an actor, writer and blog reader. My brother has read his books and says they are well written, almost as if you are there living out the words. My brother has great taste so I believe him and will go look for these books at my local bookstore as should anyone else who is able to read. Anyway the point is, Wil was pretty funny in his parts of the interviews. I don't know if he was trying to be funny but it reminded me of myself. You get so excited talking about something so cool and you begin to get into the show and make noises that the cartoon makes. It was great. I actually have an audition today for a cartoon that has to do with ancient Egypt. I didn't want to get to Mummra's part and get that voice stuck in my head and have that come out at the audition. It's nothing like Thundercats, from what I've been told think of Laura Croft mixed with Indiana Jones. It sounds like it should be fun, I'm trying out for Osiris so lets all think happy and good thoughts for me.