Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Driving driving driving...

I went to L.A. yesterday and got my headshots done. I'm a very uncomfortable person around strangers and I think it comes across in the pictures. I need to relax, I do try to but it doesnt always work. Anyway, my brother and I got the pictures done and we were staying the night with his Father in law whom told told my brother he got tickets to see Year One at the Sony Studio lots theater where the critics and stuff see movies. The problem was, he was only able to get two...so guess who doesn't get to go, that's right me. It actually didn't bother me, I would have loved to go but I was going to see Savannah at Comedy Sportz anyway so if I had had a ticket for the movie I would have missed seeing her and watching an awesome night of improv.After the Comedy Sportz show I hung out for her to get done with notes and we went out to grab a bite to eat. I found this cool little pubish place on my handy dandy iPhone called Bowrey on Sunset and Vine which turned out to be pretty cool. We ate, I had a beer, we talked, it was great.The next day my brother and I went to our little audition that was...well it was...its hard to explain really. The acting world is a very strange place and I'm learning the ropes as I go so hopefully I figure it out very soon. I am not sure if or when I am heading back to RC but I definitely need a little relax time from all the driving so tonight I might be going to a brewery if not, a winery tomorrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yes that is "sreepy" as in very tired/sleepy not "creepy" as in scary man. I seem to have had very little time for anything lately which is good to keep busy but I am exahusted. I just got back into RC a few hours ago and will go back to Temecula tomorrow night. If I'm this tired I can't even imagine how tired the kids are, but they are good sports and are trucking along nicely with very little bumps along the way.

I went to my audition yesterday and I felt like it was a little crappy. I was nervious and when I did my cold reading I held back. I wanted to get up and move but I just sat in the chair and read. When I called the person I was supposed to call today about it they said the notes basically said I "did ok, but think I could do better" also that I have "a look" what look that is, I don't know. He told me to schedual another appointment for a reread. I guess thats not to bad huh? It's better than "hahahaha, are you seriously trying to act?"

I am getting my headshots done Monday and that should help me get work as well. Without headshots they cant see what I look like to hire me and with a non professional head shots they wont take me sieriously anyway. So, I'm in town for tonight then I'll be in L.A., Temecula and possibly anywhere I am able to film a movie. Wish me luck and I'll try and keep everyone up to date.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cleaning up.

I have been trying to organize things a little bit since I've gotten back but its not going so well. I go out to the garage and start but I have so much stuff that needs to stay in boxes because I'm in a temporary living situation, or at least what I hope is a temporary living situation, that I can't get much done. I have things I want to sell, things I want to keep for when I have my own place again, things I want to leave in boxes and just hings in general. I'm like my sister, a collector of collections. Some of the things I want to sell I cant bring myself to get rid of like comic books and things of that nature.

I am heading to Temecula to stay with my brother for a week or two so we can both go to L.A. together and look for auditions. It should help the both of us to have some sort of support rather than going it alone and since we are very different people with different talents, I don't think we will be competing with each other much. Even if we are though I'm sure if one of us gets something and the other doesn't we wont be resentful we will be happy for the one who gets a part.

I am still keeping myself very busy with local acting things. Not acting for me but with publicity and getting the new Ridgecrest theatre troupe off the ground. I was asked to be on the founding board of the Ridgecrest Community Theatre Troupe. It's a great honer to be asked and I hope we can turn it into a great community organization.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The week long trip.

This is long, sorry but its all the blogs ive posted on myspace.

What a long day:Blog 1
I woke up today at eight and got us all ready to be at the hot air balloon museum by nine thirty. We made it there just in time for "story time". The thing is, when you go to story time you get in to the museum free. Audrey and I had a good time listining to the story but the boys seemed a little bored. After story we were able to make our own little balloons out of construction paper and tissue paper stuff. Audrey made one as did I, again they boys just hung out. After that we walked around and looked at all the memoribila from famous air balloon escapades and the history of the Albuquerque international hot air balloon fiesta. There were some interactive things for the kids to do and they had a blast playing and learning. After that we went to old town for lunch. I can't remember the name of the resturant but the server was kinda scary. I wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl, I hate that. Putting that aside lunch was good, not great, but good. We then went to Exploria. It's a place with nothing but interactive things to do. Making big bubbles, making stop motion animation, light waves, you name it, it was there. It was a blast, we even rode a bike across a wire like they do in the circus. We played there for hours. It's all sience related but put in an interactive format so kids don't understand they are learning, it's amazing really. Once we did everything we headed up to the Albuquerque tram. The longest tram in the world by the way. It's an amazing ride and an even more amazing view. Once at the top of the sandia mountain the temp dropped to 44 degrees. Way cold. We hiked out a little ways but quickly came back to the resturant for hot cocoa and food. After we ate we headed back down the tram watching the sun dip slowly behind the horizon. What amazing fun filled day. Can't wait for the zoo tomorrow!

Wild Animals:Blog 2
And I'm not talking about the kids. We went to the zoo yesterday with a friend I have here named Gill. It's pronounced Jill but spelled with a G. Now that the confusions out of the way... We met up at the zoo at nine in the morning. When she walked up it was great to see her and her two children. I haven't seen them since last summer I think and boy they have grown. The first stop was the polor bears. Because it was opening time it was also feeding time. They put out some fruit right next to the viewing window so we got an up close view of a big polor bear, it was great and the kids just loved it. We also were able to make it in time to see the sea lions being fed. Now being that it's a zoo the animals don't put on shows but when they are fed, the feeders "ask" them to do certian things. It's amazing how sea mammals learn and understand what us humans want of them. The big one was being stubborn. He didn't go to his feeding spot and instead swam around having fun and showing off to all the other sea lions that he didn't have to listen. So when the feeders were done and left without him geting his food, he popped up went to his spot and looked as if to say "shit". It was actually quite funny, he was just like a teenager. We spent all day at the zoo. We had lunch on the grass, saw all sorts of amazing animals, Rode a small train, fed some colorful birds (that pooped on one of Gills boys haha) and played on an awesome jungle gym. And I only took one picture of a statue biting my junk and I only put it on Twitter ;) After we were all done at the zoo we went to spend a little more time with Gill and her boys at their house. The kids got along great and now have "out of state friends". We said our good byes and ventured off to my sisters house for dinner and a sleep over. Dinner was great at Raeshas, like always, and the kids played with their cousin in the back for hours, which was good because I was dead tired and didn't want to play. We had dessert, watched a little tv and audrey and sid went to sids' room for their "sleep over" and me and the boys took the couch and air mattress in the living room. Now we are waking up and about to head to temecula. New Mexico was great and the kids loved it here.

Driving:Blog 3
That's about all we did today, was drive. We woke up early and my brother-in-law, mike, made my kids and I breakfast. Panckaes and sausage. Yum yum. We left town shortly after we were done eating. My sister left for work earlier and woke me up to say goodby so I didn't miss her. When we left I gassed up andwe didn't stop til flagstaff. I forgot to drop something off to my friend when we visited on the way in so we stopped by again. She was at work but one of her roommates was there to get the stuff i had and gave my kids a drink. He was very nice. We didn't stay long then headed to another gas station on our way out and the cashier saw my plates and asked what part of california I was from, I said "a little town called ridgecrest" to which she replied "oh, I was stationed there. She said she left about 1974 and I told her a lot had changed. Then we were off again not stopping until reaching our destination here in Temecula. I am now going to sleep. Oh and by the way, my kids, being stuck in a car for 13+ hours... Were awesome! Not to many fights from the back and the ones that did happen, were very minor. And andrew was content being in charge of music and sitting in the front.

Lounge day: Blog 4
Today was a nice day down here in Temecula. Unfortunatly I haven't been sleeping well this whole trip so after tossing and turning all night, waking up and falling back asleep, waking up for the last time at five am I finaly got in the shower around seven thirtyish. The kids slept in and woke up one by one. We all had to be up and ready for my brothers wifes sisters high school graduation ceremony. It was no problem, the kids that wernt getting ready played together or ate something and the ones that were getting ready were... well getting ready. Me being up so early was ready all day. I had a big blueberry muffin for breakfast and some coffee but for some reason was still very hungry. I didn't want to get anything else so I just felt with it hoping it would go away, it didn't. As I waited everyone finaly started getting hungry as well so we decided to go to Burger King and grab a quick bite on the way to the ceremony. That's when my day fell apart. The graduation was at a Christian school, which isn't a huge deal but still makes me uncomfortable. Like I said, no big deal, move on. Then as the ceremony goes on I feel a rumble in my guts. I've felt this rumble/pain in my stomach for years and did my best to "hang tight" until I got back to my brothers. The ceremony finaly ends... and they serve cake and drinks. I very well can't tell my kids they can't have cake, and since I am now an expert at dealing with my stomach I "hang tight" some more. Ok, kids are done and we are headed (quickly) to my brothers. I'm trying not only to hold in whatever gastly things that are inside me but also beat all the people coming over for the graduation party so no one knows I'm pooping. As people start to trickle in I come out stealthly and intergrate without anyone the wiser. Problem was, it wasn't over. All day I've been in and out of the can trying to figure out what the hell went wrong with my stomach. I blame BK! So as I'm in and out, my kids are playing with the other children that are here and having a blast. Audrey has been a little cranky lately but the boys are doing great. I'm not quite sure what audreys problem is lately but I think it has to do with being on such a long trip and being up early everyday and going non stop. It's not that she's being bad necsicerily, I think she is just a little more sensitive than usual, that's all. So to end the day we had smores and sent the kids to bed, relaxed a little by the fire, watched tv and i am still awake writting this. Oh, almost forgot. My brothers mother-in-law told me how great an well behaved my kids are. Not just around the house but for the graduation ceremony as well. So long story short; I still can't sleep, ate BK that made me shit all day with a house full of people, watched a christian graduation in a church and my kids are the best kids on the planet.

Were home:Blog 5
Well my children and I are home safe and sound. I have blogged/tweeted/pictured all from my phone. How great is that!? not lugging around my lap top is great. The Iphone is all powerful and amazing, ok enough plugging.Our trip was great. The kids loved Albuquerque and everything we did there. Natural History muesum, Explora, Old Town, The longest Tram in the world, the Zoo, seeing family, meeting new friends, everything. There is so much more I want to do there with them. We also extended our trip to Temecula and enjoyed more family and friends. We went to the San Diego fair and got a frog which we named Kermit. Kermit will stay in Temecula and we will be able to visit him when ever we want.Now that we are home we are going to be spending a lot of down time at the house now that I'm broke. We will do some stuff but not a lot, we are all tired and need to just veg I think. After this week is over and the kids go see their mother for two weeks I'll be heading back out of town working on getting more acting gigs. As far as Projects here, the summer plays festival is just around the corner. The weekend of July 10th will see a great group of actors and directors that have been working very hard on their projects. everyone should go see it, if you need any info just let me know and I'll pass it along.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Safe in Albuquerque at my friends house. Stopped on the way in flagstaff to see a friend. We also stopped at meteor crater in Arizona. The kids loved it. Now it's time for sleepy sleep. More to come as the week goes on.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I get my children tomorrow (should have them tonight but whatever) and we will be on our way for an adventure of a life time. Everytime I get my Children I try and do something fun but having only a weekend, we can't stay long or really do to much but we still manage to have a great time together weither its playing a board game or going to L.A. for a comedy show. Keep your eyes open for updates of our trip. I think I'll leave the computer home and update everything from my phone, should be fun!