Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving part 2?

I went to Sea World with my kids. They liked it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quick note.

My car told me I needed to "Add fuel" in her words. Went to the gas station here in Temecula filled up for $15.50.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 1

So far the Thanksgiving weekend is going great, with only one minor hicup. My ex has let me have the kids for Thanksgiving which was awsome. The hicup is the time that was determined. Rather than being clear and definate, I was a little vauge with when they would be returning. Not on purpose, just because I didn't know exactily what we were doing or how long we would be. We all went out of town to my sisters house for Thanksgiving dinner and after that we went down to the San Deigo area with my brother and his family. We are taking all our kids to see a stage show and to Sea World and wont be back in R/C until Sunday. Part of the problem is that (I think) she hates my guts so if anything dosen't go her way, I'm doing it to be an asshole. Anyway, so the kids and I left Thursday morning to go to my sisters. My boys rode with my mom and my one of my nephews and I took my daughter and another nephew. The trip to my sisters is a long one, it took us about four hours. Before we left I filled my 52oz football cup with Mountain Dew so we needed a bathroom break which we took somewhere in Bear Valley. We stopped a second time just before going on base to put a person in my car that had a badge to get on base. As we were stopped in fornt of a BK my oldest son begain to spew red vomit like he was posessed. I found out he had been chowing down on some licorice. drinking soda, and rocking back and forth in the back seat of the car. Ahhhh, the best part of road trips, the person who gets car sick. I didn't expect it from him, usually its my middle child that gets sick but hey, what good are kids if they don't keep you on your toes. He finishes up and were back on the road for the last mile or so. We arrived at my sisters at about 12:30 and the feast was ready maybe 30 minutes later, which was good because by that time all the 52oz of Mountain Dew had givin me the shakes. We sat down and had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat and watch some football. After the Seahawks royal beating we took some family pictures, visited and all that then headed on down to my brothers house. I followed my brother and he took a wrong turn somewhere and got us a few miles off course, but he pulled over and we put it in Rollie's nav computer and off we went, only about 15 miles out of the way. It was actually a very nice drive, I don't mind being lost, you see things you otherwise would never see. So here we are in Temecula, today; Old Towne and the Christmas show at the Welk. Tommorrow; Sea World and the happiest kids on earth.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What a day.

I woke up early today to go to Wal-Mart. Usually I go to spend money but this time I went to get some money. It was not for me exactily, Wal-Mart donated $200 to the Theatre Arts Club. A bunch of us from the club went to accept the donation and to take a photo for the newspaper. We had a lot of fun. Christian and I then went to the college to check up on some community stuff the club is particapating in and found out some interesting things. The blog for that will come later. We then went to order shirts for our upcoming show "Picnic", went home for a little break, then took Christian home so I could go to my friends house and work on mine and his movie we are writting. In the late afternoon I picked Christian back up and we went to the Boys and Girls club to help out like we have been doing every Friday. A very busy day, poorly written but well lived.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I wept like a child.

Yesterday I took a trip with my Theatre Arts Club to see a production of The Laramie Project in Bakersfield. I have been in this play here in Ridgecrest but being in a play and seeing it are two different things. Some things I saw I thought they did better and some things I thought we did better. Either way, I cried like a child who just dropped their ice cream cone in the dirt. It still amazes me with what degree people hate. Hopefully the world changes soon. Speaking of change, the "Classic Movie Night" we did went off great! We had over thirty people attend and got tons of food for the Salvation Army. One person brought in 9 cans alone. It actually gave me hope that people really are good. We are planning another "Classic Movie Night" for the Christmas season so keep checking back for details.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


My weekend has started off pretty well, I get to have my kids and some family members from out of town are going to be here too. When I was growing up I was close to my cousions and I hope my kids are too. Last night Christian and Audrey made cookies together and we each got to decorate one. The boys and I have been playing games together today, mostly call of duty 4 but now that I have wireless internet we can play computer games together as well. Yesterday I went to the newspapers in town and asked them if they could interview/run a story about the Theatre Arts Club and all we have planned, they both agreed and I think it's actually me thats going to be interviewed, thats kinda cool. We have been doing alot with the club and I just want to get the word out that we are actually doing someting.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I bought a snowboard!

I have been snow boarding once in my life when I was maybe fourteen or so. I now own a Burton snowboard. Board and bindings $45. I cant wait to fall on my face with it!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Early to bed, early to rise.

I didn't do much yesterday evening so I decided to go to bed early. I stayed up for SNL for the first time in a long time then headed off for sleep. Now as many of my readers (all three of you) know, 1:00 a.m. is early for me. I didn't want to go to sleep I was just bored so I took a pill to aid in my battle with insomnia, nothing big, just an over the counter melatonin. I actually had great sleep and an amazingly realistic dream that I can not recall at this time. I woke up early this morning, messed around on line for a bit and watched football. I finally decided to take a shower, and help my girlfriend move a few boxes at her house. I then went over to a friends house to watch more football. I was battling it out for first place in my division in my fantasy league and I kicked ass. Now I'm home for the sunday night line up on fox...Hope tomorrow is more eventful.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I must be slipping.

I did the final night of the spook house and it went great, I made kids cry :) As I was there until 11 I was unable to go to a party and that annoyed me a little bit but we all must make sacrifices for the things we want to do. Not to mention I could spend some alone time with my girlfriend. That being said I woke up feeling great, no hangover and I'm up early. I decided to check on some blogs and had more to read than I really wanted but I read anyway. During the day yesterday my girlfriend and I carved pumpkins and my friend came over and we started writing our movie again. He had moved away and it made it a little difficult to work on but getting back into it, we have made some good changes. I can't wait to get back into acting for a living, right now I am doing it but not being paid and not being paid makes it hard to live.